Our story

We know too many employees lack access to quality financial protection. This is often because employers strive but struggle to find the time and budget to manage complex admin tasks and complicated payroll deductions. That’s why we created Stitch. Our mission is to expand access to the value of financial protection by drastically simplifying the process of administering and using supplemental employee benefits.

Sun Life provides the financial strength that supports Stitch. We issue the insurance certificates and payments. That means you can be confident in every claim.*

Sun Life is a leading provider of employee benefits in the U.S. and has been helping people protect what they love about their lives for 150 years. Sun Life’s extensive experience with customer service and claims administration helps members get their claims reviewed accurately and promptly.

*The Sun Life group of companies operates under the “Sun Life” name strictly as a marketing name. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada and Sun Life and Health Insurance Company (U.S.) issue Sun Life’s group insurance policies. Each company relies on its own financial strength and claims-paying ability to guarantee its obligations.

Stitch is the simplified insurance experience for employees. We provide employees access to affordable coverage, help them understand their risks, and manage their plans.

Stitch is designing and building a smarter employee experience. We put employees in direct control of their coverage and help them make the most of their benefits when it matters.

Where is Stitch available?

Stitch is currently available in 34 states across the United States. We’re also planning to roll out coverage in more areas across the United States, but changing the way insurance works takes time.

If you are interested in Stitch, let us know where you are and we will keep you posted on availability in your area.


When you sign up to offer Stitch, employees receive access to all four quality Sun Life benefits as part of one package (Accident Insurance, Hospital Indemnity Insurance, Cancer Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance). Alongside the benefits, employees receive access to modern online tools to self-manage their plans and benefits counselors to help answer any questions.

Stitch is easy to add to any existing benefits package because it doesn't require integration with your existing benefits admin software or enrollment cycle. Employees can sign up directly with Stitch and manage their own plans using Stitch's online tools.

Stitch doesn't require setting up payroll deductions because employees pay for Stitch directly with a credit or debit card through app.HelloStitch.com. Our teams can help employees pick and set up their coverage, and then employees pay directly through Stitch.

Yes, Stitch is only available through insurance brokers that offer Sun Life benefits. If you are an employer that doesn’t have an existing broker, we would be happy to make a connection.

No, Stitch is group insurance that is only available to employees from companies that offer Stitch benefits. This allows us to offer competitive group rates.

Setting up Stitch is quick and easy. You’ll just need to confirm the plan designs and basic employer details for your benefit setup. Once your benefit setup is finalized, the Stitch online experience is ready to go.