Patch the gaps in your benefits package without extra work.

With Stitch, you don’t need to compromise when building your benefits package. Add four Sun Life supplemental benefits with less hassle and paperwork. It's the perfect match for high deductible health plans.

What is Stitch?

What makes Stitch different?

Historically, those who care the most end up in the middle with the heavy lift of managing insurance. Our mission is to make insurance more accessible by taking the work off the shoulders of brokers, employers, and employees. Stitch is great benefits without the hassle, payroll deductions, or minimum participation of typical insurance.

Four benefits together.

With Stitch you don’t have to pick and choose benefits based on minimum participation requirements. Offer employees all four supplemental benefits and our team will help them choose the insurance that is right for them.

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Hospital Indemnity<br>Insurance

Hospital Indemnity

Critical Illness<br>Insurance

Critical Illness



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